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Cottonwood Creek Candle


Cottonwood Creek Candle


Introducing our line of naturally derived, irresistible scent, non-GMO hand-poured soy candles, with wood wicks. Our aromatic candles are made in quaint amber glass jars, topped with crystals for a unique flair. Our candles are handcrafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that each candle is a unique work of art.

Our candles are made with non-GMO soy wax, which burns cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin wax candles. Soy wax is also a renewable resource, making it an eco-friendly choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

The wood wick in our candles creates a soothing crackling sound as it burns, adding to the ambiance and relaxation of your space. The wick is made from natural wood, which is sustainably sourced and free from harmful chemicals.

Our candles come in a variety of irresistible scents, all of which are naturally derived, 100% phthalate-free, and have zero endocrine disruptors. From the comforting, refreshing scent of Welcome Home, to the bright and juicy aroma of Apple Harvest, there is a scent for every mood and occasion.

Each candle is sold in a quaint amber glass jar, which not only looks beautiful but also helps to protect the candle from light and heat, ensuring that it stays fresh and fragrant for longer. The jars can be reused or recycled after use, making them a sustainable choice.

To top it off, each candle is adorned with a crystal, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to your space. The crystals are carefully selected for their beauty and energy, and can be kept as a keepsake long after the candle has burned down.

Last but not least, our candles have a burn time of approximately 40-50 hours

  • Scent Descriptions

      • Coconut Mango - This scent smells tropical, beachy, and light. I always tell people it smells exactly like a Piña Colada taste. It is simply amazing!
      • Coconut Sands - This scent is not sweet. It is coconut-y but sensual, and earthy. Men and women both like it. It is one of my best sellers.
      • Eucalyptus Mint - This scent speaks SPA! It is totally luxe! It is not overbearing with either eucalyptus or mint. It is a favorite for sure.
      • Lavender - This scent is sweet and not camphourous like some lavenders can be. It is Munstead lavender. If you are a lavender fan (and so many of us are!) you will love this scent.
      • Ravenclaw - Sexy, manly, fresh, vetiver, mysterious...this masculine scent is a winner both with men and ladies.
      • Rivendell - This is another scent I created for the masculine, but women like it just as much as men. It is seductive, fresh, and not overpowering with a slight hint of vanilla at the end. It is a favorite of most.
      • Moonflower - This is such a lovely feminine scent. It is soft yet screams, "I am a woman". The scent is sweet, but not flowery. It has notes of citrus, vanilla, musk, and coconut. It is my biggest seller in feminine scents and for good reason.
      • Orange Grove - Do you remember as a kid taking an orange peel and bending it backward and watching the essential oil spray out from the peel? That is exactly what this scent smells like. It has been a top seller for me from the beginning.
      • Pink Grapefruit - This is such a delightful, fresh, citrus scent. Smells just like slicing a pink grapefruit and eating it- it is sweet and citrusy. Highly loved with younger women.
      • Melon Patch - This scent smells like you have cut a watermelon open on a hot day. It is crisp, fresh, and delicious. Very popular in the warmer months.
      • McIntosh - Imagine it is August at the apple orchard. You pick an apple off the tree and take a bite. Your olfactory sense is flooded with the scent of sweet, crisp, tart, grassy, and almost melony scent...this is a huge seller!
      • Sicilian Lemon -This scent is familiar to everyone. It smells like summer, tart, crisp, and sour, and is a favorite for many.
      • Forest- This scent is a tribute to my childhood home. In the summer I would run through the forest; a forest that was filled with giant cedars, spruce, firs, and pines. You could smell the tree oils wafting through the air as the summer grew hotter. It is heaven on earth to a nature lover like me.
      • Welcome Home - Imagine a home with an old library, mahogany floors, a leather couch or chair, pipe tobacco, and peppermint candies lying on the desk. This is what I imagine when I smell this scent. It is so classic with hints of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and chai. When I think of this scent I just want to say, "Welcome Home!"
      • Field of Cotton - I love the fresh crisp scent of cotton. Imagine getting into a freshly made bed with sheets that have been hung on a clothesline in the hot summer sun all day... That is exactly what this scent is like. Perfection!